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Thanks to everyone who helped out with the club clean up yesterday prior to the pig roast.  Now does anyone have a trailer to take that stuff up to commissioners disposal?

House and Grounds

Is there someone available to return empties from our recycle bins near the washrooms? Both of them are overflowing. I understand this chore used to fall under social and the money collected went into...

Dingy Docks

I am going to be at the club around 10 tomorrow to sort the dock.  Please bring your muscles and rain gear. SP

I have released the dinghy dock from land so she is floating level again.  I have tied her off with four separate lines, please take care if walking in the area and do not...

H & G

There will be a new set of batteries and upgraded wiring installed in the generator shed on Saturday May 13th. Time TBD.  Anyone who is interested in how the system works please come by...

Work boat

Is there someone available to replace the gas line on the work boat.  Timon just emailed me the old one is broken.  Please hang on to the receipt and let me know.  Thanks; H&G

House and Grounds

Besides the usual H&G jobs this weekend we need to fill in some of the potholes on the road and the dingy ramp needs to have some bricks reseated from winter heaving.  If someone...