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If you wish to apply for membership, please complete the below application.  Please answer all questions fully.  Also, please re-read your information for accuracy and completeness before you click on the “Submit” button.  Our Memberships Director will respond to you shortly.  If you do not have up to date proof of insurance, you can provide it later.

By completing the below application you are agreeing, if your application for membership is accepted, to abide by the APSC By-Laws, Site and Mooring Rules & Regulations; to pay all necessary fees; and agreeing that the privileges of Club membership will not be available until you receive notice from the Club acknowledging receipt of all applicable memberships fees and the acceptance of your application.

Thank you for your interest in APSC.  You will be asked to pay your initiation and other membership fees after your application has been processed and accepted.

We look forward to meeting you.


Please fill in all fields carefully as the form may clear if there are errors and you’ll have to do it all again!

APSC Application

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  • Aquatic Park Sailing Club allows for a maximum of three shared owners. Joint ownership (also known as a consortium) gives each membership the same rights and responsibilities as a single membership. Please fill in the section below for each consortium membership.
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