Membership Fees

What price paradise?

Aquatic Park Sailing Club is a member-run self-help club. The club’s mandate is to provide affordable access to keel boat sailing.

Given our unique location, we don’t have all the bells and whistles you might find at other clubs:  no shore power, no wifi, no dining room minimums, but that’s what makes APSC special.

Types of Membership

Aquatic Park Sailing Club has only two categories of membership.

Active Member

  • The right to one swing-mooring.
  • Dinghy storage in the gated compound (or at the dinghy dock).
  • Voting rights.
  • Includes spousal/partner and family.

Dormant Member

  • access to Club and social events.
  • website and newsletter access

2020 Fee Schedule

*Rates are subject to change yearly.all fees include HST2020
New member Initiationone time fee$1500+HST=1,695
Additional membership fee one boat can have up to three owners, fee is per each owner (consortium or shared ownership)$500+HST=$565
Active Member Feeaka - yearly membership fee - based on LOA of boat
up to 25'$580.92+HST=$656.44
over 25 ', up to 30'$612.85+HST=$692.52
over 30', up to 35'$644.78+HST=$728.60
over 35'$677.74+HST=$765.85
Work-hours depositrefunded when members completes 30 hours. $750+HST= $847.50
Work-hour deposit for additional Consortium memberseach additional owner requires an additional 10 hours$250+HST=282.50
Gate Key Depositrefundable deposit per key issued$40
Dormant Member153+HST=$172.89

Liability Insurance

$1,000,000 liability insurance (minimum) is required to obtain a mooring.

New active members must submit proof of adequate, up-to-date boat insurance with their application and/or prior to bringing their boat into the harbour.