Come and enjoy our disadvantages

Here are some of the disadvantages in belonging to Aquatic park Sailing Club:

We can’t see the city skyline
All we can see is the blue sky, trees surrounding the mooring basin, fluffy clouds, and stars at night
We don’t have a lot of night life close by
Just a quiet anchorage, sounds of birds, yips of coyotes, the odd slap of a beaver tail, friendly dinners by candlelight, quiet conversations with other members and visitors but we do admit that the social functions sort of break the mold.
We don’t have electricity
And no phones, TV.s, faxes, radios, did we mention the jumping carp?
We aren’t next to a major roadway or city attraction
So parking is free and the only background noise comes from the birds, people having fun, and boats entering and leaving the mooring basin
We aren’t next to a major formal style park
We have a wilderness area in which to tramp and probably the best birding and wildlife area in the city
We don’t have a dining room or bar
And no associated monthly fees and dress code. Just bring your own food and refreshments.
We don’t have a manicured green lawn area
Only a big sand beach front in which to walk barefoot

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