2016 Overall Season Results & Force 10 Results

Overall season standings are calculated by combining Under 200 and 200 & Over fleets into a single fleet, boats score based on their corrected time in the combined fleet. DNS/DNF score is calculated as an average of the number of boats competing for all 15 season races +1, 2015 DNS/DNF is 13. A boat’s 2 worst results are dropped. Force 10 is not droppable. Force 10 DNS/DNF number (8) is based on the fleet for Force 10 not the fleet for the whole season. Dropped results are indicated in square brackets – [X]. Elapsed times and boat ratings can be found on the main 2016 Racing page.

2016 Overall Season Results

Boat123456789101112Force 10Season ScoreSeason Rank
Highland Fling[18]1[18]1411122211171
Farr Side22[18]65[18]2233342342
Red Cherry3[18]22[18]96685433514
24 Karat54[18][18]185575418188976
Jabberwock 247[18]12[18]4184181851881167
Magy Mae[18]6[18]5181018187188661208
Nowhere Fast[18][18]1818181818518181818817512
The Answer[18][18]1871818181818181818817713
Indian Summer7[18][18]181818181818181818817713
Maggi C[18][18]18181818181818181818818817