Executive Directors

APSC_40_badge2019 Club Directors

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions contact us!

Commodore: Marcus Van Iersselemail

Past Commodore: Jeff Willis – email

Vice Commodore: Scott Jones – email

Treasurer: Alison Barlow – email

Membership: Gregory Graham – email

Safety:  Don Vermeeremail

House & Grounds:  John Morraemail

Harbourmaster: Brian Burchellemail

Social: Andres Pang-Becker, and Chris Speedemail

Race:  Keith Bohlender, and Kean Moynihanemail

Members at Large: Tim Kirkwood – email

Chief Duty Officer: Brian Lumley – email

Communication Officer: John Ross – email

Secretary: Ian Trumpouremail

Newsletter: post vacant – email